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For many Sikh Americans, maintaining their Sikh identity is not a minor issue, rather their safety and professional potential are at risk.

As Dawinder Sidhu, a law professor and author of Civil Rights in Wartime: The Post-9/11 Sikh Experience, noted: in order for Sikhs to change their perception in America, all Sikhs will need to be actively involved in their neighborhoods and to serve as visible ambassadors of the Sikh faith and their identity. The welfare of Sikh-Americans is threatened by the ignorance and bigotry of others. But it is also weakened or compounded by Sikhs' own silence.


We can no longer afford to stay silent.

The National Sikh Campaign is launching a historic effort to build a grassroots movement w

ith the best political consultants in the world to build the Sikh image in North America.

We're reaching out to various Gurdwaras, Sikh organizations and stakeholders within America and internationally to create the largest network of Sikhs and the most influential PR effort ever for Sikhism.

All contributions will fund:

  • Groundbreaking research and polling that will explore in-depth attitudes and misperceptions toward Sikhs and how new information and visuals can change attitudes
  • An integrated media campaign rooted in data driven, proven messaging with web and digital advertising, TV advertising, and national press coverage
  • A bridge of understanding and mutual interests between Sikh Americans and leaders of other traditions.
  • An infrastructure for a sustainable mechanism to convene leaders from leading Sikh American organizations in a manner that fosters ongoing collaboration

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Please contribute. Let's create a movement.